If you have been searching for the best place for auto body repair Thousand Oaks, welcome to Bumper2Bumper! We are known specifically for saving bumpers. We are experts at assessing the most cost effective method for bumper repairs and replacements. Sometimes, it isn’t cost effective to replace your bumper when you can buy a certified replacement for a more affordable price, it depends on the vehicle. In the case that you do need your bumper repaired because it is the most cost effective method, we are the people to see!

No matter what the damage, we have the ability to remove the bumper and weld it in a way that is completely unnoticeable under fluorescent lights, natural light, you name it. We can go back and paint it to match perfectly. Bentleys, Maseratis, Rolls Royces – you can’t find any regular body shop that will do the repairs and paint touch ups that we do at our prices. Our paint matching experts are so accurate at color matching, you will not be able to see the difference. We nail the color down to the specific year and place of manufacturing and formulate it so that the color perfectly matches the rest of your vehicle. Contact our team of experts at Bumper2Bumper for a free quote and the best auto body repair Thousand Oaks has to offer! 


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