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If you have been searching for the best paintless dent repair Westlake has to offer, welcome to Bumper2Bumper. We are universally known for our ability to remove just about any dent that comes into our shop. If you hate the look of dents and dings on your vehicle’s door, bumper, or fender, come pay us a visit. Determining whether or not paintless dent repair is right for you, all depends on the size and location of the dent. Sometimes it can be accessed from inside the panel and massaged out, even with a little putty. Most minor and unsightly dents caused by door dings, shopping carts, and other little accidents can easily be fixed this way. Depending on the thickness of the metal, most of the time we can get about 90% of the dent out and make it look like the dent never existed in the first place.

Factors like the thickness and the metal and the flexibility of the paint can limit the success of a paintless dent repair. However, most of today’s vehicles have refined paint finishes that do allow for successful paintless dent repairs. We start off our process with a thorough assessment of your vehicle. It is important to locate all dents, dings and creases to determine which ones can actually be fixed though this method. Once this is determined, our team of experts get to work on pushing and pulling out the dents. If you have been looking for paintless dent repair in Westlake, Bumper2Bumper is the place to be! Contact our team for a free quote today.


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