rPlate - Digital License Plate

The worlds first customizable digital license plate
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REVIVER rPlate - Digital License Plate

REVIVER rPlate – The worlds first digital license plate!

Designed in conjunction with automotive, consumer electronic and government requirements. Agnostic to car make and model and future proofed with automatic software updates provided on a regular basis to ensure your Rplate, Rplate Pro and app keep up with technology advances and new services as they become available.

The Rplate is unprecedented. As a bistable HD display, its hardened technology delivers reliable performance under severe conditions. At its core, Reviver’s architecture blends seamlessly with motor vehicle administrations’ (MVA) information systems to digitize registration renewals for consumers, while providing significant efficiency advantages for MVAs. With Rplate’s road-proven hardware and owner-controlled plate content, steel plates are destined to become artifacts.

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