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If your lease is about to end, you are probably looking for the best lease return repair Calabasas has to offer. Did you know that you are responsible for any damage to the vehicle that is considered excessive wear and tear? Car dealerships can be incredibly strict when it comes to their lease return policies. You can get charged for any excess wear and tear, dents, and damages you have acquired during your lease. It is smart to have these fixed before your lease ends to avoid those ridiculous charges. 

At Bumper2Bumper on a daily basis, people are coming in wanting to have their car looked at because their lease is coming up in a few months. Our team of experts go around the car and look for what the lease companies are looking for, whether that be for smoke removal, scratches, or dents. We then assess what you need specifically. In some cases we have taken some major dents and repaired them to a much less noticeable size. Our main goal is to keep your lease return costs down. We take pride in the fact that our services are affordable and we provide a quick turnaround. We are experts in color matching, which is great for aged paint. We mix in-house to make sure that your paint looks absolutely seamless.


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